About #metoo:

My love goes out to all of you, who are silent at this moment.

Who have conflicting feelings towards outing ourselves because we know all too good what many of the consequences are. 

Or that this would mean having to justify and/or deal with the perpetrators that are our lovers, friends, comrats and (popular) community members, (who’s voices are believed over ours).

To the ones, who are „not ready yet“.

To the ones, that are not „innocent“ themselves.
To the ones, who are seen as „deserving“.
To the whores, sexworkers, minors and other peeps, who are having complicated sex and/or are practising „non-enthusiastic“ consent. 

To the ones, who are not given a space in the hashtag, because of this white cis feminism, that centers (only) around gender and not (multiple variations and combinations of) oppression/s.
To whom that would mean to out themselves in one a too many ways. 

And especially to all the women, nb, inter and trans folks, whom help and support is constantly denied because of not being viewed as (the „right kind of“) woman/female.

Your silence is heard.

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