Patches and T-Shirts

Illustrations & Hand Screenprint

Independent production of patches and shirts for myself. 2003 – 2018

This used to be my life and my living.
It’s time for me to move on, but not without taking a look back.
Here’s a tiny glimpse on my fabric works for sale from 2003 to 2018.
Also I will give one last chance to get some of those things, before I let them go for real and forever.

I am thankful for every person, buying things from me, supporting me and my work and most of all believing in me.
Sometimes I didn’t do that myself – now I do.

Thanks to you, thanks to my friends and thanks to my fans.
I am proud, that my patches travelled ways more and ways farther than I ever did or will.
I am thankful for all the support I got and exchanges made during all those years.
It was not always fun to be honest, but I already wrote a book about that.
It was always an adventure, always worth it and I learned a lot.
Through you, through fails, through way more than 1001 markets, through feedback, through time and through many many many very lovely and also a few harsh e-mails and conversations.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

And here we go:

From now on, and up until June, 3rd, 2021 you can order 2 kinds of surprise packages:
30 patches of my choice for 10€
3 shirts of my choice in your size for 15€

Pick up is for free, postal fees are (a minimum of) additional 2€ for patches and 3€ for shirts.
International postal fees are a bit higher, depending on the country, you’re in, more on that on request.

You are welcomed to name some wishes and no-gos regarding motiv, theme, color and fabrics – I will try to meet them, but there is no guarantee. And isn’t the thing about surprises the surprise?
No surprise are the sizes of the shirts. More infos on the available cuts and sizes are on my
Etsy. I will update the availability there regularly.

(Some of the more popular motivs are already not available anymore, I put an incomplete list at the end of this page.)

I will take orders per e-mail or
Etsy until June, 3rd, 2021 and process everything in the week after.

Please do check here for the availability of the shirts and more infos on the cuts and sizes before you order.
Straight cut M & L are already gone.
I will also update there regularly.

First orders, first served.

After that everthing fabric is just a memory.

List of NON available shirts:

  • all the arms we need
  • Angry rabbit
  • Cat
  • Feminist Hooligan
  • Pirates stick together!
  • Queers (not) Dead
  • riot!
  • Unicorn

Incomplete list of popular NON available patches:

  • all the arms we need
  • bildet banden
  • I <3 TOFUck
  • Jedes Herz ist eine revolutionäre Zelle.
  • riot!
  • some people are unicorns, get over it.